This is the official site for the bowClock archery clock.

A complete clock consist of the following software:
– bowClockServer: This is the hart of the bowClock system. We have a version for Raspberry pi or a Linux x64 system.
– bowClockDisplay4pi: This will show the clock on a screen. As the name mentions currently only for a Raspberry pi.
– bowClockHorn: this will sound a horn when required. We have version for on a Raspberry pi or a Linux x64 system.
– A webserver. The website is used to control the bowClockServer and both need to be running on the same system.
– bowClockController: Currently only an Android app for on your phone or tablet.

For ease of use we will provide a complete image for a Raspberry pi very soon.

All the software will be made available very soon.

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