Updated KeePassX to 2.0-alpha6 and FC20

As I just upgraded my laptop from FC19 to FC20 I also found out that there is a new KeePassX alpha version.

So I tried to build a new rpm and found out that my spec file I had put online was not working. Apparently the last time I uploaded it it got corrupted. To get the new rpm files I had to fix my own mistake.
Because of this fix I uploaded the spec file now as a file and also described the steps to build a new rpm.

If you want to build your own rpm you can use my spec file and build description. You can then create your own i386 or other alpha version without problems.

See page: Keepass 2.x

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Offline cache synchronization is now working

In the today released beta 3.2.0-Beta67 the last fix for full offline cache synchronization has been implemented.

The add-on is now following the exchange server for all changes. These changes are completely synchronized and when you have offline cache active the offline cache is kept up to date.

Because in the past the offline cache could get out of sync you have to create a new offline cache. Do this as follows:

  • Disable offline cache for every Exchange calendar you have. Right click on the calendar name and select properties.
  • Uncheck the checkbox before exchange-cache.
  • Restart Thunderbird.
  • Tunr on offline cache again. Right click on the calendar name and select properties.
  • Check the checkbox before exchange-cache. It will now sync the memory cache to the offline cache. This can take some time and the window will freeze.

Please report bugs on the bugzilla: https://www.1st-setup.nl/bugzilla

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Finally have some time again

Finally found some time again to work on the Exchange add-on. Fixed some of the big outstanding problems due to changes in Exchange and Thunderbird.

Please try latest beta 3.2.0-beta48.

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Almost a new version (3.2.0)

For those that are waiting for a new version. It is almost there.

I am waiting for the latest translation update and there is one bug which needs fixing before I want to release.

The title of the add-on is changed to reflect the newly supported functionality like:

  • Exchange 2013 server support (partially tested main is working)
  • Search access to the Global Address List of the Exchange server.
  • Address autocompletion in creating new emails or adding attendees to an event.
  • Almost full tasks support as far as the EWS protocol allows.

Have a look at the main page for more info.

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New version 3.2.0-beta is out

This week I released a new version 3.2.x

It has some big changes to the internal processing of calendar messages. This change will also be applied to tasks when I have time.

It can now also do Autodiscovery using the SOAP interface. The previous versions used the older POX interface but Microsoft is only introducing new autodiscovery features into the SOAP interface. When you are still using an old exchange server the add-on will fallback to using POX.

Please test it.

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Version 3.0.0 released for Exchange add-on

Finally I could release the latest stable version of the Exchange add-on. See this page: Exchange add-on

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Add-on working again in Thunderbird 15

The Exchange Calendar add-on is working again in Thunderbird 15. It took some time but now you can try the beta of version 3.

See the add-on page.

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New internetconnection live

Since today we have a new internet connection live. This is a 100/100 Mbit fiber optic connection.

Download speeds should be better now.

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New version for Exchange Calendar and Task add-on

Today a new version, 1.8.0, of the Exchange Calendar and tasks add-on for Lightning has been released.

New and changed in this version:

  • Managing attachments in calendar events and tasks.
  • Access to Exchange servers which are behind an ISA server.
  • Bug fixes.

Get your version from http://www.1st-setup.nl/wordpress/?page_id=133.

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German (Deutsch) localization available for Exchange add-on

Yesterday I received the GermanĀ (Deutsch) localization files for the Exchange Calendar and Task add-on from Christian Meyer. Thank you Christian for this.

The German localization is available in [download id=”9″]

For the add-on see Exchange Calendar and Tasks add-on

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