New version 3.2.0-beta is out

This week I released a new version 3.2.x

It has some big changes to the internal processing of calendar messages. This change will also be applied to tasks when I have time.

It can now also do Autodiscovery using the SOAP interface. The previous versions used the older POX interface but Microsoft is only introducing new autodiscovery features into the SOAP interface. When you are still using an old exchange server the add-on will fallback to using POX.

Please test it.

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14 Responses to New version 3.2.0-beta is out

  1. Eric Donkersloot says:

    Hi Michel,

    Is this the latest beta version?


    I noticed Thunderbird using a lot of cpu cycles frequently when I used the stable version. I will test if this is still the case with the beta.

    Kind regards,


    • Eric Donkersloot says:

      I’ve installed Beta3 now; will do some more tests.



    • Ulrich says:


      Great addon. After my laptop resumes from sleep mode or if I am using a VPN connection, the addon starts using huge amounts of CPU. Chorlicking the offline/online button of Thunderbird twice, i.e. reestablishing the internet connection for Thunderbird, the behaviour goes back to normal. Is there anything that can be done for removing this behaviour. I am using 3.2.0beta3
      on OpenSuse 12.1 with Thunderbird 17.0.4.


  2. Daniel says:


    To be honest, 3.1.3 had been working perfectly for me. I installed 3.2.0 beta5 and it didn’t work so well. It just felt much slower and there where 3 calendar reminders that will keep popping up no matter how many times I dismissed them. I installed 3.1.3 again and all is back to normal.

    Thanks for this great addon!

    • admin says:

      Daniel, The development version is still in development. I am workig on different part and have extra debug logging active which makes it slower. Once we go for the release it will be faster (i hope).
      If you want to follow latest developments and test or see if a bug has been fixed use/try the development version.

  3. Amin says:

    Today I was automatically updated to the latest build but it seems to be broken. My calendar events don’t get saved into the lightning 1.9 calendar. In additon, there used to be a simple Accept/Reject button on the calendar message itself. Now I have to do several clicks – first on the bottom bar the open a new dialog then yet another one. Please revert to the simple flow we were used to.

  4. Manfred Höckendorff says:

    since some days there is e memory leak using 3.1.3 in lightning 1.9.1 and Thunderbird 17.07 . Memory usage is going up from 300m to 1G and more
    till TB dies. If I remember well it happened soon after updating to 17.07.

  5. Manfred Höckendorff says:

    The newest beta did show the same symptoms today

  6. Scott Zupek says:

    Linking 2 exchange accounts seems to have a bug where it only grabs the originally Exchange account’s subfolders.


    — FOLDER 1
    — FOLDER 2

    — FOLDER1 (shouldnt be there)
    — FOLDER2 (shouldn’t be there)
    — Unique folder (should be there, but isn’t)

    I have run a repair process on the 2nd exchange account, same thing still happening.

    • Scott Zupek says:

      using 3.2.0-Beta46

      • Scott Zupek says:

        After the folder sycned (took about 3 hours, company shared mail account), I exited and entered it again and MAIL1 showed like it should. Then I went to MAIL2 and it showed like it should, but then I went back to MAIL1 and everything from MAIL2 (all subfolders and messages) where under the MAIL1 heading. SO apparently whatever dbase is being referenced isn’t unique.

        MAIL1 local directory = /home/user/.thunderbird/h3bgosv3.default/ExQuilla/mail.company.com

        MAIL2 local directory = /home/user/.thunderbird/h3bgosv3.default/ExQuilla/mail.company-1.com

        Both accounts were added via auto discovery in the same version listed above.

        • admin says:

          Exquila is another add-on than this add-on. Please send your question to the support site of Exquila.

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