ExchangeCalendar add-on Development

(2014-10-21) As you can read I no longer maintain this add-on. But the guys from Ericsson have taken over maintanance. You can get new versions from their github page: https://github.com/Ericsson/exchangecalendar/releases.

I will keep my pages online for the archive.

!!! The next information is old and outdated !!!

If you would like to use the really latest version of the Exchange Calendar events and tasks add-on for Lightning then checkout a copy of the git repository on GitHub (https://github.com/1stsetup/exchangecalendar).

To clone to your local machine and add the git repository to Thunderbird as the add-on:

Close Thunderbird
$> mkdir ~/git
$> cd ~/git
$> git clone git://github.com/1stsetup/exchangecalendar.git
$> cd exchangecalendar
Remove the exchange add-on files installed by the XPI.
$> rm -r "~/.thunderbird/<profilename>/extensions/exchangecalendar@extensions.1st-setup.nl"
Add the add-on back to Thunderbird but now pointing to the cloned git repository
$> echo `pwd` > "~/.thunderbird/<profilename>/extensions/exchangecalendar@extensions.1st-setup.nl"

If you want to update the local copy of the git repository do:
Close thunderbird
$> cd ~/git/exchangecalendar
$> git pull
Start Thudnerbird

If you want to change to one of the other branches in the git repository:
Close Thunderbird
$> cd ~/git/exchangecalendar
$> git branche
$> git checkout <branchename>
Start Thunderbird

If you want to use one of the existing tags in the git repository:
Close Thunderbird
$> cd ~/git/exchangecalendar
$> git tag
$> git checkout <tagname>
Start Thunderbird

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