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(2014-10-21) As you can read I no longer maintain this add-on. But the guys from Ericsson have taken over maintanance. You can ask for features and get new versions from their github page: https://github.com/Ericsson/exchangecalendar/releases.

I will keep my pages online for the archive.

!!! The next information is old and outdated !!!

This is an overview of feature requests to add to the Exchange Calendar and Tasks add-on for Thunderbird Lightning.

  • “Propose new time” function like in Outlook.
  • Separate GAL and Personal Contacts folder.
  • Read-Write access for contacts in the Addressbook.
  • User selectable display of firstname and lastname in autocomplete results.
  • Be able to set calendar which is read-write to read-only in Lightning (Bug 318)
  • Faster loading/start-up of TB.  (available since version 3.2.0-Beta33)
  • Local disc cache so you can work offline. (since 2.x available in READ-ONLY mode)
  • tell me … exchangecalendar@extensions.1st-setup.nl
  • See more Exchange information like who created the event and when, etc… (Calendar properties available since version 1.7.13a2)
  • Accept or Decline received task requests. (Is not possible with current Microsoft EWS API)
  • Make resource reservations.
  • Exporting larger time period (Currently only the local cache is export, default 2 months. This are all times ever download from Exchange since startup). Since 1.8.17 you can specify a period to load during startup.
  • Manage calendar (folder) permissions from Lightning.
  • Show different timezones for startdate and endate (those specified in Outlook for example). (available since 3.2.0-Beta).
  • Show events in category color selected in Outlook. (Thunderbird has it’s own configuration for this all ready)
  • Automatically show a list of calendars shared by others accessible by you.
  • Save snooze/dismiss state (available since version 1.7.4).
  • Faster shut-down/closing of TB. (available since version 1.7.4).
  • Status information on how busy the add-on is. (available since version 1.7.6).
  • Use usernames in the following format “user.name@example.com” without specifying the domain field. (available since version 1.7.12a3)
  • Use add-on in Seamonkey (available since version 1.7.12a2)
  • Converting “Exchange provider” add-on calendars to this add-on format. (Available in version 1.7.13a7)
  • Show only Free/Busy/Tentative information for calendars you do not have full read access to. (not meaning the invitation dialog) (Will be available in 1.7.17 and is available in development version).
  • Copy/clone of existing calendars. (Available since 1.7.15)
  • Attachment management. (Available in version 1.8.0a25)
  • Forwarding meeting invitations. (Available since version 2.x)

If you have a feature request please send and email to: exchangecalendar@extensions.1st-setup.nl

17 Responses to Feature requests

  1. Would be nice to use a cache. Today when Thunderbird starts the Exchange calendar is empty and gets filled over time ( 1 – 2 Minutes mine )

  2. Peter says:

    On sugestion if you developing a EWS mail addon for Thunderbird would be the possiblity of adding another exchange account as long as the domain user has rights and permisions to see it. I have suceeded in doing that with the EWS api from Microsoft in C#. : )

    • Peter says:

      Im reffering to other account not the user own account

      • admin says:

        The EWS mail addon should have the same features as the calendar add-on currently has. Login with one account and look into/work on the email folder of another user, impersonation. As long as you have the right.

  3. Peter says:

    Very nice. : o).

  4. Roland says:

    Great add-on for thunderbird, for all of us working in M$ operated organisations.

    Could we have some kind of sync to an existing calendar? I would like to mirror my calendar on GroupOffice (using Caldav) to the Exchange calendar and not to start a new one. I share calendars with my wife and colleagues using GroupOffice (and can not give them access to the Exchange calendar).

    • admin says:

      This would be a nice feature but I think it should become a separate Add-on. This so you can also sync between different types of calendars.
      Second you need to be able to specify what to sync, some kind of filter, and maybe even if some data needs to be converted before it is written to the other calendar.
      Third Tracking changes will be very difficult because each type of calendar has got it’s own unique type and range of identifiers for each calendar item. So when syncing from CalDav to Exchange it will generate new id’s in Exchange which will not match to the CalDav ones.
      I will not add it as a feature request for this add-on.

  5. Anurag Jain says:


    When you are planning to implement caching feature in the calender.


  6. Emre says:

    I have many “reminders” created in Outlook by the email context menu –> follow-up –> Add Reminder. These appear in the “tasks” folder in my Outlook and Outlook shows me reminders for these.
    I have successfully sync’ed the tasks that were created in the “tasks” application in Outlook, but the ones created with “reminders” don’t show-up. Can this feature be added?

  7. Gary Day says:

    I would love to see a Cache of the Exchange calendar, this is the only thing missing from this extension (at least for me).. I only started using it yesterday and now I can finally rid myself of Outlook and get back to Thunderbird..

    If you can get the cache working I will definitely contribute to this add-on!



  8. Emre says:

    Hi, I would like to keep the invitations in my inbox so that I can later search & find them. (otherwise, we will need a search engine which also indexes the calendar).

    In current v3.1.3, when I accept an invitation, it is deleted from my inbox. I could not find an option not to do it (Outlook has such an option).


    • admin says:

      You have to turn the function to remove the invitation off in Outlook or in the OWA (web interface). The add-on is not removing them unless you have specified it in the EWS settings for the calendar.

      • Emre Erenoglu says:

        Thanks, they are already turned off in outlook and Outlook works as I expect. I’ll do that change as well in OWA (if I can find that option). Hope it will work.

  9. Emre Erenoglu says:

    I’m using latest beta and it seems dismissing of events are working OK again. However, when I click dismiss, it disappears after a few seconds and it feels like the window is locked during that time. In outlook, when you dismiss a reminder, it’s dismissed immediately.
    It seems to me that your addon contacts the EWS server to confirm the dismiss, then notifies the UI to remove the event from reminder window. That’s why we see a delay. (am I right?)
    To make it more user friendly, Is it possible to do this in async mode with server side? I mean, if user clicks dismiss, the event shall be dismissed immediately, but server can be updated of this dismissal in the background. If the server update fails, then the even can re-appear in the reminder window.

  10. Balázs Peller says:

    Novell GroupWise Mobility Service emulates (more or less) an MS Exchange Server to make synchronization possible with mobile devices. An ActiveSync account has to be set up on the mobile device to use this feature. It would be very nice if this plugin could emulate a mobile device as an option and could connect to this kind of emulated Exchange servers.

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