Keepass 2.x

If you wish to know what Keepass is see: http://www.keepassx.org

I compiled a x86_64 binary version myself because they are not available. You can download it using following links:
– [download id=”31″]

Older versions:

– [download id=”29″]
– [download id=”28″]
– [download id=”26″]
– [download id=”27″]
– [download id=”22″]
– [download id=”23″]
– [download id=”25″]
– [download id=”19″]
– [download id=”20″]
– [download id=”21″]

I created a rpm.spec file ([download id=”32″]) for Fedora and the latest 2.0 version of Keepass. This file is based on http://www.keepassx.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=3430

To create your own rpm files do the following:
– Download the source file for keepassx 2.0 and place this tar.gz file in the folder “~/rpmbuild/SOURCES”.
– Download the rpm.spec files [download id=”32″] and place in the folder “~/rpmbuild/keepassx.spec”.
– Build rpm by executing next command from a linux console “rpmbuild -bb ~/rpmbuild/keepassx.spec”.
– When you receive errors most of the time it means some dependency was not met. Install the missing dependency and try the build again.
– When successful build your rpm files are in “~/rpmbuild/RPMS/”

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