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Updated KeePassX to 2.0-alpha6 and FC20

As I just upgraded my laptop from FC19 to FC20 I also found out that there is a new KeePassX alpha version. So I tried to build a new rpm and found out that my spec file I had put … Continue reading

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Offline cache synchronization is now working

In the today released beta 3.2.0-Beta67 the last fix for full offline cache synchronization has been implemented. The add-on is now following the exchange server for all changes. These changes are completely synchronized and when you have offline cache active … Continue reading

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Finally have some time again

Finally found some time again to work on the Exchange add-on. Fixed some of the big outstanding problems due to changes in Exchange and Thunderbird. Please try latest beta 3.2.0-beta48.

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Almost a new version (3.2.0)

For those that are waiting for a new version. It is almost there. I am waiting for the latest translation update and there is one bug which needs fixing before I want to release. The title of the add-on is … Continue reading

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New version 3.2.0-beta is out

This week I released a new version 3.2.x It has some big changes to the internal processing of calendar messages. This change will also be applied to tasks when I have time. It can now also do Autodiscovery using the … Continue reading

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Version 3.0.0 released for Exchange add-on

Finally I could release the latest stable version of the Exchange add-on. See this page: Exchange add-on

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Add-on working again in Thunderbird 15

The Exchange Calendar add-on is working again in Thunderbird 15. It took some time but now you can try the beta of version 3. See the add-on page.

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New internetconnection live

Since today we have a new internet connection live. This is a 100/100 Mbit fiber optic connection. Download speeds should be better now.

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New version for Exchange Calendar and Task add-on

Today a new version, 1.8.0, of the Exchange Calendar and tasks add-on for Lightning has been released. New and changed in this version: Managing attachments in calendar events and tasks. Access to Exchange servers which are behind an ISA server. … Continue reading

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German (Deutsch) localization available for Exchange add-on

Yesterday I received the GermanĀ (Deutsch) localization files for the Exchange Calendar and Task add-on from Christian Meyer. Thank you Christian for this. The German localization is available in [download id=”9″] For the add-on see Exchange Calendar and Tasks add-on

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