(2014-10-21) As you can read I no longer maintain this add-on. But the guys from Ericsson have taken over maintanance. You can get new versions from their github page: https://github.com/Ericsson/exchangecalendar/releases.

I will keep my pages online for the archive.

!!! The next information is old and outdated !!!

Out of Office setting in 12Hr format. Unable to tell if it is AM/PM

This reported by a user on the bugzilla (bug 96). This all depends on your localization settings in Linux or Windows. Please read the bug report for a solution.

How does autodiscover work.

The autodiscover functionality works as follows:
  • Enter you mailbox name like <username>@<domainname> (john@example.com)
  • Enter username and/or domainname.
  • Press "Perform autodiscovery"
  • The add-on will now try to access the following URLs to find the autodiscover settings:
    • https://<domainname>/autodiscover/autodiscover.svc
    • https://autodiscover.<domainname>/autodiscover/autodiscover.svc
    • http://autodiscover.<domainname>/autodiscover/autodiscover.svc
    • https://<domainname>/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml
    • https://autodiscover.<domainname>/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml
    • http://autodiscover.<domainname>/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml
  • If the autodiscover is succesfull it will show the right EWS URL and display name.
  • If something goes wrong the following errors will be shown
    • "Hostname part of mailbox is not valid (john@example.com)". This means the add-on could not connect to one of the previous specified URL based on the given mailbox name.
  • Autodiscovery will not work in this case. Try to get the Server URL from or IT administration.

How to use Kerberos for authentication

The procedure on how to use Kerberos for authentication has been described on this page: Different Windows IIS Authentications and Thunderbird Or Firefox

Adding a shared calendar by using the share invitation.

!!!! This part is still in development and only available in the development version !!!! !!! THERE fore it might not be yet complete !!!! When someone share's one of his or her calendar(s) they can send a share invitation to the people who are allowed to read or use it. This email will contain an xml-file with the necessary information. And some info is also in the message email header. [sourcecode language="xml" wraplines="false"]<SharingMessage> <DataType>calendar</DataType> <Initiator> <Name>Jane Doe</Name> <SmtpAddress>jane@example.com</SmtpAddress> <EntryId>00000000DCA740C8C042101AB4B908002B2FE18201000000000000002F6F3D4669727374204F7267616E697A6174696F6E2F6F753D45786368616E67652041646D696E6973747261746976652047726F7570202846594449424F484632335350444C54292F636E3D526563697069656E74732F636E3D4A616E6520446F6534633900</EntryId> </Initiator> <Invitation> <Title>Jane´s her share calendar</Title> <Providers> <Provider Type="ms-exchange-internal" TargetRecipients="john@example.com"> <FolderId>00000000BC5AB69D4370454FB480A15DB2A7E93C0100DCB29F06B087BB439B542470E7A5D6E300002DAFEAEA0000</FolderId> <MailboxId>0000000038A1BB1005E5101AA1BB08002B2A56C20000454D534D44422E444C4C00000000000000001B55FA20AA6611CD9BC800AA002FC45A0C00000045584348414E474532303130002F6F3D4669727374204F7267616E697A6174696F6E2F6F753D45786368616E67652041646D696E6973747261746976652047726F7570202846594449424F484632335350444C54292F636E3D526563697069656E74732F636E3D4A616E6520446F6534633900</MailboxId> </Provider> </Providers> </Invitation> </SharingMessage>[/sourcecode] The email header looks like this: [sourcecode language="text" wraplines="false"] X-MS-Exchange-Organization-AuthAs: Internal X-MS-Exchange-Organization-AuthMechanism: 04 X-MS-Exchange-Organization-AuthSource: exchange2010.example.com X-MS-Has-Attach: yes X-MS-Exchange-Organization-SCL: -1 X-MS-TNEF-Correlator: x-sharing-capabilities: 402B0 x-sharing-flavor: 310 x-sharing-provider-guid: AEF0060000000000C000000000000046 x-sharing-provider-name: Microsoft Exchange x-sharing-provider-url: http://www.microsoft.com/exchange/ x-sharing-remote-path: x-sharing-remote-name: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Jane=B4s_her_share_calendar?= x-sharing-remote-uid: 00000000BC5AB69D4370454FB480A15DB2A7E93C0100DCB29F06B087BB439B542470E7A5D6E300002DAFEAEA0000 x-sharing-remote-store-uid: 0000000038A1BB1005E5101AA1BB08002B2A56C20000454D534D44422E444C4C00000000000000001B55FA20AA6611CD9BC800AA002FC45A0C00000045584348414E474532303130002F6F3D4669727374204F7267616E697A6174696F6E2F6F753D45786368616E67652041646D696E6973747261746976652047726F7570202846594449424F484632335350444C54292F636E3D526563697069656E74732F636E3D4A616E6520446F6534633900 x-sharing-remote-type: IPF.Appointment[/sourcecode] Adding this calendar: Create a new calendar and fill in the fields as follows: Server URL: https://<X-MS-Exchange-Organization-AuthSource from header>/ews/exchange.asmx Mailbox: <SmtpAddress in xml-file> Username: <yourusername> Domainname: <yourdomainname> Share folderId: <FolderId hex value in xml-file> OR <x-sharing-remote-uid from header> Use “check…” button and when all goes wel it will show the displayname of the shared calendar which should be equal to the <title> in the xml-file. To be done: Auto adding the calendar from the email in the messages window.  

Add a Microsoft Office 365 Calendar

Follow one of the following two procedures. They work for me: Autodiscovery: (currently not working)
  1. Select the autodiscovery checkbox.
  2. Enter as the mailboxname: <username>@<mycompany>.onmicrosoft.com
  3. Enter as the username: <username>@<mycompany>.onmicrosoft.com
  4. Press the "Perform autodiscovery" button and when the URL select box pops up select the right server.
Manual entry: (tested last on may 3rd 2013)
  1. Log on to the webmail for your Microsoft Office 365 account.
  2. Click on the little settings wheel in the upper right corner direct after your name.
  3. Click on "options".
  4. On the "account" page click on the "Settings for POP or IMAP access..." link. A new window should pop up.
  5. You will see three settings (pop, imap and smtp) and for all three the "Server name:" field is the same. Probably "outlook.office365.com"
  6. In Lightning create a new calendar and fill in the fields as follow:
  7. Server URL: https://<server>/ews/exchange.asmx  (replace <server> with what you found in step 5)
  8. Mailboxname: <username>@<mycompany>.onmicrosoft.com
  9. Username: <username>@<mycompany>.onmicrosoft.com
  10. DomainName: <leave empty>
  11. Click the "check...." button. When it asks your password and username fill in the password and check the remember checkbox.
  12. Select as Folder base "Calendar folder" and for the path below base "/".
Finish the create dialog. office365-options office365-pop_settings office365-servername office365-ewssettings

What are the settings or user preferences for each calendar?

In this file ec_user_prefs.js you can find an example of the settings or so called user preferences which are stored for each calendar in the prefs.js file in the Thunderbird user profile.  

How to get access to someone else his/her calendar?

To access the calendar or tasks of another person you will have to create a new calendar and specify the following field: Server URL: https://<hostname>/ews/exchange.asmx Mailboxname: <email address of other person> Username: <your own windows username> Domainname: <your domainname> Select the right folderbase and path for the selected mailbox. !! Make sure you were assigned the right access rights for the selected folder or else you will receive errors !!

How do I find the right folderbase and path?

See the following picture which explains some of the folderbases which Exchange has:                 To select a special calendar like the one named "Release schedule" you would set the folderbase to "Mail inbox folder" and as path browse for "/myProjects/Lightning addon/Release schedule".

How can I change the Out Of Office settings for a particular Exchange mailbox?

Make sure you have create and Lightning Exchange calendar for the mailbox of which you want to change the Out Of Office settings. Right mouse click on this calendar in the calendar list. Select "Out of Office settings" in the popup menu. Modify your settings. Everything is almost the same as in the outlook client.

How can I access multiple calendars?

What you have to do to get multiple Exchange calendars visible into Thunderbird Lightning is to add for every Exchange calendar folder a new Lightning calendar. A Lightning calendar can only show the content of one Exchange calendar. This is also valid for the Exchange task folders.

How to get my Calendar and tasks visible?

What you have to do to get your Exchange calendar and your Exchange tasks visible into Thunderbird Lightning is to add two Lightning calendars. One for you Exchange calendar with folderbase "Calendar folder" and one with folderbase "Tasks folder" both with folder path below root "/".

How to add an Exchange calendar

To add a new Exchange calendar do the following:
  • Right click on the list with calendars.
  • Select "New Calendar"
  • Select "On the network" followed by the "Next" button.
  • Select the "Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010" radio option followed by the "Next" button.
  • Enter the "Name" for your new calendar. This will be shown in the calendar list. Choose a color, If you wish to have item alarms active and you can choose a e-mail identity but is not necessary followed by the "Next" button.
  • Try autodiscovery, if you do not know the right Server URL, or enter the right Server URL. Normally this is in the form of https://<hostname>/ews/exchange.asmx (e.g.: https://exchange2010.example.com/ews/exchange.asmx)
  • Enter the Primary SMTP address into the mailboxname. If you do not know the Primary SMTP address enter one of your email alias addresses. The add-on will ask exchange for the Primary SMTP address.
  • Enter your windows username. In the format of <username> or also <username>@<full domain> if you are using version 1.7.12 or higher of the add-on.
  • Enter the windows domainname of which your username is part. Ask your IT department for this info if you do not know it.
  • Now press the button "Perform Autodiscovery" or "Check server and mailbox".
  • If everything is all right you will get two extra fields to specify or an error telling what went wrong.
  • If an error appeared correct the error and retry.
  • Select the folderbase. Exchange saves calendaritems and tasks into folders and these folders are saved into a tree like hierarchy. The folderbase contains a list of entrypoints into this tree. Select the right entry point from where you want to set the path to the right folder. "Calendar folder" is de default personal calendar for the selected mailbox. The "Tasks folder" is de default personal tasks folder for the selected mailbox.
  • Select the "Path below folder base" specifies the path to the folder to use based from the previous specified folder base.
  • If all is all right click on the "Next" button to create your new calendar or task-calendar.

87 Responses to FAQ

  1. Hi,
    first of all, thanks for the plugin! Importing my calendar worked fine. Using the auto-detect feature there was only a message about some certificate which was not valid. It worked anyway.
    Now I got an invitation for a shared calendar and the import worked fine with the exchange web application and the .xml-file attached to the invitation email.
    I tried to get this calendar into lighning but that did not work. I could kind of connect to the server but there was nothing showing up and I could not see anything in the folder view. Is there any way to use the information from the .xml-file for the plugin?
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  2. Victor says:

    Thanks for the replies and here a quick feedback:
    The import seems to work perfectly! All thing in the calendar are displayed. However, I can not change or add things although that is in principle possible as it is not read only (in the properties it is also displayed as writeable) and I have done so using the Outlook Web App.
    In the beginning I again had some trouble with some certificate during the creation of the calendar but I could not reproduce this error. I will let you know when I get it again.
    I used the Autodiscovery feature, then I got some weird error about certificate but again, it works anyways.

  3. Shane says:

    Ok I have the plugin installed and added both my tasks and calendar. Autodiscovery works fine, but I never get any of my tasks or calendar items. I have waited for quite a while as your original post said it could take some time. Not sure what the issue is. Any thoughts?

  4. Lowell says:

    First, great extension. I’ve been using it for awhile on our on-premise exchange server. Yesterday I was migrated to outlook.com and can’t get the calendar to work any more.

    I tried following your instructions for adding an Office 365 calendar. When I get to the last step, it keeps prompting me for my username/pw as if the combination I typed in was incorrect. I’ve tried both username@mycompany.com.onmicrosoft.com and username@mycompany.onmicrosoft.com and neither works. I’m using TB 10.0.2, Lightning 1.2.1, and Exchange Provider 1.7.12. Any suggestions?


    • admin says:

      Lowell, Thank you.
      In my test account I use the same value for the mailboxname field and the username field which is the username for Office 365. This is in my case michel@1stsetup.onmicrosoft.com. Please try my latest stable version 1.7.13 from http://www.1st-setup.nl/wordpress/?page_id=133.
      You are using the right server url? (http://www.1st-setup.nl/wordpress/?wp_super_faq=add-a-microsoft-office-365-calendar)

      • Lowell says:

        Thanks. I upgraded the extension and tried again. Same result. I think my setup may be a bit different than most. My username and my mailbox name may not the same. For example, my username is flast (first initial and last name) and e-mail address (and perhaps mailbox name) is first.last. Would that have an impact?

        For server URL I am using: https://pod12345.outlook.com/EWS/Exchange.amsx (12345 replaced by numbers found in outlook web options)

        One last thing.. when I was playing with autodiscovery, I received a redirect message. Something to the affect (was mixed with a bunch of HTML markup) of “redirected to flast@company365.mail.onmicrosoft.com” and then failed.

        • admin says:

          Hi. The mailboxname should be the so called primarySMTP address for your account. On Office 365 it is called the primary email address. Entering an alias email adres will not work. The username is called “Microsoft Online Services ID” in office 365.
          Ask the administrator of the Office 365 environment for these settings. You can find them also yourself in the Webmail interface. Goto Options | See All Options. In there you will find the “Microsoft Online Services ID” and when you start a new email and click on the addressbook and search for yourself you will see the email address to use in mailboxname.

          • Lowell says:

            Again, thanks. I did get the calendar working through DAVMAIL but no luck with your extension yet. I followed your recommendation and I get two different mailbox names.

            In “All Options” my user id is “flast@company.com”
            In address book my address is “first.last@company.com”
            The address book lists my alias as “flast”
            Again… two different names. I’ve tried combinations of both in your GUI and neither works. If you would like, I can e-mail screenshots of both to your support address.

            My adminstrator is clueless. I had to tell him how to find the SMTP and IMAP servers. I think at this point I am about to give up and use DAVMAIL although it is not as powerful a solution. Thanks for your support.

    • Gary says:

      I’m getting the same behavior when trying to connect to Office 365 – continuous password re-prompts. I’ve precisely followed the instructions in this FAQ. I would love to get this plugin working. Has anyone discovered a solution?

  5. Daniel says:

    Why do I get “Hostname part of mailbox is not valid (…)” message when I try to setup my account? I use the same email address that I use with Davmail and it has no problem with it. Yes, the email addres ends with a country domain and the exchange server has a .com host but it is a valid mailbox.

    • admin says:

      You are probably using autodiscovery? As described in the FAQ the autodiscovery uses the domainname part of the mailbox address to try to connect to an exchange server to resolve the autodiscovery settings. So if the mailbox domainname is completely different than the exchange server domainname part you get this message. I will correct the message from “hostname part” to “domainname part”.

      • Daniel says:

        Yes because I don’t know the folder Share Folder ID. But if I try without autodiscovery I get Server …does not exist. In the server URL I pasted the url I use in Davmail so it should be ok.

      • Daniel says:

        Ok, the URL I used in Davmail was not good for this addon. I found the right one on a document from IT admins, it ends with
        Now it works ok, even autodiscovery.

  6. Hi,

    I can seem to get this installed.

    I fill in the following info in the first screen:
    Server URL: https://remote.companyx.nl/owa/auth/logon.aspx?url=https://remote.companyx.nl/owa/&reason=0
    Mailboxname: name@othercompany.nl
    Username: name
    Domainname: domainname
    Share Folder ID: Agenda

    The server URL is exactly the same as the one I access OL Webaccess with (cut and paste).
    When I press the check button, the addon just sits there waiting for something for 3 hours.

    If I shorten the URL to
    I get:
    Server “https://remote.companyx.nl/owa/auth/logon.aspx” bestaat niet.
    Which is wrong, the server does exist.

    What am I doing wrong?

    • admin says:

      Replace the server url into “https://remote.companyx.nl/ews/exchange.asmx (see faq)
      Leave the Share folder id field empty.

      • Bedankt,

        The calendar works as it should now. However, I do not seem to get the tasks to work as yet. I have followed the advice in your FAQ above, and set up a new calendar in the Lightning task screen with the exact same input as the first one, except for the folder, where I hace chosen ‘Tasks’ rather than ‘Calendar’. But the tasks still don’t show up.
        Is there anything else I could try?

        thx in advance!

  7. Andreas Plesch says:

    Thank you much for the plugin. It seems to work well with our University Exchange system, for my personal account, eg. I can read my calendar and can create events for it. However, I have problems with accessing calendars which are socalled Exchange Resources, for example Rooms. In OWA I can add such calendars by knowing their name, and OWA provides an assoicated email address such as room10@ourdomain.edu. However, when I use that email address in the exchange properties for the plugin, and then try to create an event for that calendar, there are error messages about a malformed URI:

    [Exception… “Component returned failure code: 0x804b000a (NS_ERROR_MALFORMED_URI) [nsIXMLHttpRequest.open]” nsresult: “0x804b000a (NS_ERROR_MALFORMED_URI)” location: “JS frame :: resource://exchangecalendar/ecExchangeRequest.js :: :: line 180” data: no]

    description: [xpconnect wrapped (nsISupports, calIItemBase, calIEvent, calIInternalShallowCopy, nsIClassInfo)]

    Anything I can try ?


  8. Andreas Plesch says:

    Thanks for the prompt response. It turns out that OWA also does not let me create events, or reserve times, for Rooms, only Outlook does. So that would be a great feature, and I am glad it is on the request list. If I would have a vote, I would vote for that feature.

  9. Andreas Plesch says:

    Just a clarification: OWA on firefox under linux does do it, it just was not obvious.

  10. Andrea says:

    Here we use shared calendars inside Exchange’s Public Folders: how do I add mine?
    If I try to add a calendar, it adds the one in my mailbox (even if following the FAQ “Adding a shared calendar by using the share invitation.”), not the one in Public Folders.

    • admin says:

      So you have an email with the share invitation en the id a specified in the faq?

      • Andrea says:

        Yes. At the moment, I use Exchange via OWA. When I login, I see all my email folders and my calendar; this calendar is private and anyone else but me sees it. I can send the share invitation email to myself, and then use it with Lightning following the procedure in the FAQ.
        The fact is that we actually use the calendars I see when I go to “Public Folders”->”Shared Calendars”; I think those calendars have been shared by our domain administrator, and I don’t see any way to send the share inviation email.

        • Andrea says:

          Solved! The solution is to follow the standard procedure, and when asked for “folderbase”, choose “Public Folders”, and in the path choose the calendar.

  11. Karol says:

    I have a problem similar to that described by Martin Lentink on March 20, but the solution does not work for me.
    So far, I access our company’s exchange server via OWA (which is the way specified by our IT department). I would like to use my calendar from within lightning, but apparently I cannot get the URLs right. Or is it possible that a company enables access by OWA but prevents access by the lighning plugin? Out IT people are not helpful, they say ‘just use OWA and now bugger off’.

    My OWA URL is “https://webhost.company.com/owa” , it works fine in firefox and I also could use this URL for the calendar of my android phone. According to the recommendation in the FAQ, I have changed this to “https://webhost.company.com/ews/exchange.asmx”. As Mailboxname, I have specified my mail address (me@company.com), as Username I have specified “me” and as domainname I have specified “company.com”. The ShareFolderID has been left empty.

    When I press ‘check server and mailbox’, the only thing I get is a longish error message with the core content “HTTP Server error 500: Internal server error” and then after some HTML gibberish “The page cannot be displayed”.

    Any idea why this does not work (or what can be done about it?)

    • admin says:

      The OWA interface and the EWS interface are two separate services for Exchange. Your IT department decides what to enable and what not. If the IT department is not willing to support the EWS interface there is little I or the add-on can do.

      As a last test you could try to open the url “https://webhost.company.com/ews/exchange.asmx” in a web browser and see what kind of result/answer you get from the server. If you do not get a HTTP 500 error please let me know. Otherwise talk to your boss to open up the EWS interface.

      • Karol says:

        I was afraid you would say this, and it fits well into our company’s mindset to disable anything that is not absolutely required. I assume there is no way to acess MS-Exchange via the OWA interface?

        As you suggested, I tried the URL https://webhost.company.com/ews/exchange.asmx and was surprised to not see a HTTP 500 error. What I get is a valid web page with the title ‘Microsoft Forefront TMG’ which shows a box asking for my login credentials. When I enter my credentials, I receive an XML-only page with lots of informations (I don’t speak XML, though). Does this mean there is still hope ?

  12. jaggy says:

    Thanks for the extension, you’ve done great work. I have a concern regarding the default polling intervals though. They seem quite high and as a result the few users I have using this against our Exchange 2010 environment are generating over 120,000 IIS hits per day/each. We’ve asked these users to raise their polling interval which has helped lower the hit count to a more reasonable value

    Is this a known issue? Are there plans to addresses it? May I request that the default polling values be raised in the next update?

  13. jez says:

    Thanks for a great Addon. I was trying to update to 1.8.0 but it says “update installation not possiple, not compatible to Thunderbird Version 11. I have installtel the last Thunderbird update 11.0.1. Any help on this?
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      This is strange because I develop the add-on currently in Thunderbird 11.0.1 without any problems. The add-on has been tested up to version 13 of Thunderbird which is a Beta version from Mozilla.
      What happens when you remove/disable the previous version of the add-on. Restart TB and try to install the new version?

  14. Lenny says:

    Did you solve that problem?
    We have the same problem here.
    On the TMG is Formbased Authentication (FBA) in use. Therefore the Logon Page.
    It is required for OWA.

  15. Michael says:

    I have thunderbird 15.0.1 with Lightning 1.7 installed. I’ve just installed Exchange 2007/2010 Calendar and Tasks Provider 3.0.0-rc3. When following your instructions in the FAQ for adding an Exchange calendar, things fall down at the 4th step (click on “Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010” radio option) — the only options I am given are iCalendar (ICS), CalDAV and Sun Java System Calendar Server (WCAP). Any suggestions?

  16. Michael says:

    Yes, the add-on is active. Don’t know if it makes any difference, but this is on a machine running Ubuntu Linux.

  17. sebastien says:


    I am using your fanytastic add-on and managed to set up my calendar. However, it seems that it is not working for my address book! I fill in the server info like for my calendar and select “Contact Folder” but after I click “save”, I don’t get an error message but the address book does not appear in my list of address books…

    I use tbird 10.0.8/lightning 1.2.3/your add-on 3.1.2

  18. Yahman says:

    I note that Microsoft is converting its Hotmail/Live web mail over to more of an “Exchange” based service. Is your add-on (or will your add-on be) compatipable with the hotmail/live/outllook web mail service provided by microsoft?

    I note with an iPhone one selects “Exchange” as the type of service when configuring mail/calendar sychroniztion access.

    Can your applciton be used with these web services? It would sure be a boost to those of us who use theMicrosoft back end mail/calendar services (which my ISP uses).


    • admin says:

      As long as the technique behind the webservice is the EWS API/protocol it will work. It works with Office 365 from Microsoft.

      I did not test other services yet.

  19. Rob Seager says:

    I recently updated Thunderbird to v17 and Lightning to v1.9. This was made possible by using your version 3.1.3. This worked fine with Tbird v16 and Lightning v1.8. I have found that several appointments in my diary, particularly ones that were set up several months ago have disappeared. They have also gone from my Exchange calendar. Is this a known problem?

    Many thanks for the add-on. It make slife a lot easier.

  20. Uschi says:

    The installations seems to have worked well as there were no error messages. But I cannot see any of my Outlook calendar entries in Lightning.
    I use this:
    Thunderbird 17.0
    Lightning 1.9
    Your AddOn 3.1.3

    I entered this
    Freigabeordner ID=(empty)
    and tried the Autodiscover Function.
    I got back an URL like this:
    is the server name from my Outlook mail account settings.
    So I think this should be OK ?!?

    In Lightning I see in the Exchange (EWS) settings for this calendar in tab “Ordnereinstellungen” (folder settings) only the labels but no values.
    e.g. Exchange server version: (nothing)
    The calender in Lightning is marked as Read-only.

    If I open the url “https:///ews/exchange.asmx” in a web browser I get an empty page.
    Kun je me helpen? Bedankt & groeten,

  21. Uschi says:

    sorry, I typed brackets within the url.
    It should be like this: https://servername/ews/exchange.asmx

  22. Frank Seidinger says:

    I’v managed to add a calendar in my Thunderbird 17.0.2/Lightning 1.9 Environment and can access my events on an Exchange Server. However the behaviour of the calender search/list pane of Lightning is strange.

    If I’m on the calender tab and have the search/list pane activated I can choose from a dropdown box a filter containing “Alle Termine”, “Heutige Termine”, “Termine in den nächsten sieben Tagen”, “Termine in den nächsten 14 Tagen”, “Termine in den nächsten 31 Tagen”, etc. Unfortunately I have only access to a German localized installation and can not provide the values in English.

    Only when selecting “Termine in diesem Kalendermonat” or “Termine in der aktuellen Ansicht”, the events are shown in the calender. While the calender is the base for the preview bar it also affects the preview bar. You cannot see events and notes in the following days if not setting a propper filter in the search/list event pane.

    Navigating through the weekly schedule only activates the events in the selected week. This also affects the peview bar.

  23. Juha Metsäkallas says:


    I get Calendar events but no Tasks. I have two Lightning calendars: one for Exchange calendar and one for Exchange tasks. Autodiscovery didn’t work (TB hang up) so I manually entered the same settings as for the calendar except I set as Folder Base “Tasks folder” and “/” as path for it (and if I browse that there is nothing below it).

    Any pointers for trouble shooting appreciated,


    My set-up:
    TB 17.0.2 (newest)
    Lightning 1.9 (newest)
    Exchange 2007/2010 plugin 3.1.3 (newest)
    on MS Windows 8 Enterprise (64 bit)

  24. Jean-Francois says:

    When I try to oaccess https://mycompanywebmail/ews/exchange.asmx I get this :

    Server Error in ‘/’ Application.
    The resource cannot be found.
    Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly.

    Requested URL: /ews/exchange.asmx

    Should I conclude that EWS is not activated ?

    Thanks for you help.

    • admin says:

      What happens when you use this url “https://mycompanywebmail/ews/exchange.asmx” in a web browser like firfox?
      It should ask you provice as username and password. If so enter as the username: domain\username and your domain password. And you should get and xml page showing a lot of wsdl parts.
      If not please create a log file as specified on http://www.1st-setup.nl/wordpress/?page_id=150

  25. Florian says:

    I installed
    – Thunderbird 17.0.5
    – Ligntning 1.9.1
    – Provider 3.2.0-Beta7
    on a Win7 x64 system.

    After I added the calendar provider, I cannot “accept” / close missed dates of my other calenders which are included as ics-calendar without any special plugin. In the changelog it is written “Fixed snooze/dismiss reminder problems for events and tasks”, is this the same problem?

    Thanks for providing this plugin!

    kind regards,

    • admin says:

      The ics calendars are not handled by the exchange add-on? The bug was only for calendars handled by the exchange add-on.
      If the problem is with an exchange add-on. Do you have “offline cache” turned on for those calendars? I have seen that the offline cache sometimes goes out of sync and dismissing and old reminder fails. You can clear the cache by going to the “Exchange (EWS) settings” of the particular calendar. Right click on the calendar and select the option in the menu which will pop-up.

      • karl.ranseier says:

        Yes, they are not handled with the exchange add-on. On both, my home and office computer this problem occurs. Missed dates of the exchangecalendars seem to be handled correct. At least in the list are only “missed” once from other calendars.
        On my phone these reminders do not occur, so it’s not a general problem of the calendars, I think.

  26. Tony says:

    I just upgrade my system to Ubuntu 13.04 and now I’m running into problems with this extension. I’m not sure if anybody else is seeing this problem, I haven’t found anything useful when searching. I’m running Thunderbird 17.0.5 with Lightning 1.9.1 and Exchange EWS Provider 3.1.3 (I’ve also tried 3.2.0-beta22). The Calendar kept popping up with the same event over and over that I was trying to dismiss, so I cleared the exchange cache. It marked the calendar as read-only and would never re-sync. I tried deleting the calendar and recreating it, but when I do I keep getting this error and cannot finish adding it: “Error during checking of server and mailbox: Error during waiting for data of hostname ‘mail.web.mycompany.com’. (STATUS_WAITING_FOR) (Code: -16)” (domain name change to protect the innocent.) I know the URL works properly because I can hit it from browser, authenticate, and look through the XML WSDL definitions. I can file a bug report, but I thought I’d ask here first. Thanks!

  27. Hans Oesterholt says:

    It looks like new calendar requests aren’t found in the ‘inbox’. My ‘inbox’ is called ‘Postvak In’. Am I doing something wrong?

  28. Gerald says:

    Hi, I am wondering why there must be a Server URL since only a domain name seems to be needed on a mobile phone for an exchange account.
    I have this problem because I don’t know where to find a Server URL (only a domain name is provided by the exchange service provider). I have tried to replace the part to my domain name but a 404 error is returned.
    In other words, if the exchange server domain that can be used by a mobile phone is known, what should the Server URL be? Thanks a lot.

  29. PEte says:

    Hi there,

    I installed my Exchange calendar with the newest release of the add-on on TB 17. The calendar is installed, and I can see events being created on the server (via office365.com). But they are not visible within thunderbird. I have followed the instructions in FAQ, and have selected Folder Base (“calendar Folder”). and path below folder base /

    How can I see the events?



  30. PMD says:

    I’ve added an Office 365-based calendar in TB 17.0.7/Lightning 1.9.1/Exchange EWS provider 3.2.0-Beta46/Exchange server version V2_3 (15.0.731.15). I did not receive any errors setting up the calendar.

    I can add events in TB, and they subsequently appear in the Office 365 web interface. However, no appointments are visible in lightning.

    Going to Exhange (EWS) Properties -> Folder properties, the Total item count shows up correct. When deleting appointments in the web interface, the Total item count is updated in lightning.

    Sooooo, the basics seem to pretty much work, except that nothing is shown in the TB calendar.

    Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and kind regards, PMD

  31. thomas says:

    Seems nice but I can’t get it working.
    Config is Thunderbird 17.08 and Lightning 1.9.2.
    After creation at step “Exchange..” with the radio button I get an error pop up:
    An error was encountered preparing the calendar located at https://auto/f030cfa0-9b32-4877-b2e8-65be071ae66a for use. It will not be available
    I cancel this and fill in the fields as described here.
    When clicking “Check server..” the configuration seemingly hangs and comes to no result
    Otherwise the account works
    Possibly stupid question:
    Will this application sent out invitation mails when you choose persons to attend?


  32. Steve says:

    Setup seemed to work fine on Thunderbird 17.08 and Exchange EWS Provider 3.2.0-Beta 46 on Ubuntu 13.04. But no events show up in Lightning. I can create an event, but it also won’t be displayed in Thunderbird. I can see that same event on Office365 or another calendar client, just not in Thunderbird.

    Any suggestions?

  33. Joris says:

    Our Exchange Online server is currently running version V2_4 (15.0.775.7).
    I’ve had to make some changes to the addon in order to get it working, but it is now running flawlesly.

    At some point Exchange Online / 365 stopped reporting as being “Exchange 2013” and moved on to a V2_x type of versioning. The latest Add-on (beta46) has not yet been modified to support this change. I’ve posted the necessary changes in Bugzilla and uploaded a compatible version there:

  34. Tj says:

    I was unable to get exchangecalendar-3.1.3.xpi working, clicking the check mailbox button then disabled the button, but didn’t appear to actually do anything further.

    I then tried exchangecalendar-3.2.0-Beta46.xpi, which worked up to the point of requesting authentication, which I supplied, and was given an error message claiming incorrect credentials (but if I enter the asmx url in my browser, and am then prompted for the credentials, it works and I am presented with the XML document.)

    I then tried exchangecalendar-3.2.0-Beta45.xpi, and while trying to add the new calendar was notified that there was a new version (nice feature!). After selecting “Use Microsoft Exchange 2007/…” and cache mode, I hit next.

    I supply the name and pick a color. Now, my email isn’t listed as a possible choice (“none” is the only option). This was working fine in the other versions I tried. I leave it as none and hit next. I fill out the information and hit “check mailbox” and am prompted several times to try to authenticate and eventually get the wrong credentials error message (most likely because I am on the newest version again.)

    Any suggestions? My organization uses postoffice.net as our hosted Exchange provider.

  35. Jamie Dow says:

    Thanks for your add-on. Excellent – I’ve used it for a while, and am impressed. I’m using the latest beta version 3.2.0-Beta48 with TB 24.

    The problem is that my work calendar has suddenly become read-only. Very annoying!

    I’ve tried checking the details for the calendar and pressed ‘check server and mailbox’, and it returned this. I don’t understand it and don’t know how to proceed.

    Error during checking of server and mailbox: HTTP Server error 500: Internal server error
    <t:ServerVersionInfo MajorVersion="8" MinorVersion="3" MajorBuildNumber="245" Mino

    (Code: -19)

    All help very much appreciated. Thanks,

    • admin says:

      Would you be so kind to report a new bug report. I see you are working with an Exchange2007 version. I did not yet have time to test the new version against Exchange2007.

  36. Terje Braten says:


    Could you please help me find out what is wrong when I try to connect to the calendar?

    When I try to setup the calendar, I get to the dialog box with “Exchange/Windows Active Directory settings”. I leave the checkbox for autodiscovery unchecked, and then I fill in the following:

    Server URL: https://site2.exch500.serverdata.net/ews/exchange.asmx
    Primary email address:
    Domain name:
    Share Folder Id:

    I click the button “Check server and mailbox”. Then that button is greyed out, but nothing else happens. I wait and wait, but nothing happens.

    I tried to go to “https://site2.exch500.serverdata.net/ews/exchange.asmx” with firefox, and then after a little while I got redirected to “https://site2.exch500.serverdata.net/ews/Services.wsdl” with this content:

  37. Ryan Novosielski says:

    I have 3.2.0beta56 installed. Everything appears to work, I log in, I can get my account info, and it appears to sync. However, no events ever appear on the calendar. I waited awhile, and definitely the check box is selected to display this account. I can’t figure out what else to try. My server verison is Exchange 2007_SP1 according to the Folder properties tab in the config, and that tab also claims there are 147 items on the calendar. Nothing shows however.

  38. Hossein Kazemi says:

    Thank you for making this available.

    I am using version 3.2.0-Beta70 with Lightning 2.6.4 and Thunderbird 24.2.0 on Window 7. I have setup both the calendar and the tasks to work with Microsoft365. Calendar works fine. I can add new tasks and I can see them in outlook. But no task is visible on the task tab of Thunderbird.

    Thank you

  39. Mark says:

    I would love to try this addon on Thunderbird. However, I can’t find this addon on https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/thunderbird/extensions/calendar/.

    How do I install this addon without it being available in the Addons page? Please advise.

    I realize I could download the xpi and then load it manually. However, how would I then keep it updated whenever a new version is released?

    • admin says:

      Mark, The add-on is not available on the Mozilla add-on repository because their review process takes to long and the update cycle of the add-on is much higher.

      To install download the newest xpi and install it manually. The add-on has a built in update mechanism which is turned on by default but can be turned off.
      When you leave the update functionality on it will warn you when a new version is available on our servers and will ask you if you want to have it installed. Installation of updates is automatic.

  40. Mark says:

    One more question:

    Is there a way to use the Exchange EWS Addon to access the Calendars on Hotmail.com or Live.com?


    • admin says:

      In short no. Microsoft does NOT offer the EWS interface on hotmail.com and live.com. They only offer it on the Office365 subscriptions.

  41. Mark says:

    Yeah, I figured this one out myself. Too bad Microsoft don’t support their own technology.

    Thanks for your support.

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